Jenkins in Mechanicsburg (soft cover only)


Jenkins in Mechanicsburg, The Confederate Attempt on Pennsylvania’s Capital

This book is a historical fiction that is action-packed and loaded with Pennsylvania history from the Confederate’s stand in Green Castle into Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill in an attempt to take Harrisburg. It features a West Virginia family’s views about the “War of Northern Aggression” from the southern perspective.
You will read the seldom-told story about how close Pennsylvania’s Capital came to being in the hands of the
Confederacy in the days that led up to Gettysburg. You find out about Confederate soldiers who died five miles
west of Pennsylvania’s Capital as they were turned back, which started their retreat into Gettysburg from the north. Border’s Books in Camp Hill, PA says that this book was the most sought after book of any local author for several years. The author does not suggest this book be given to a child as a gift because of some of the language. PA Snippets tells essentially the same story without the harsh language and is more child-friendly.

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