Captain John Bigelow (hard bound)


Captain John Bigelow, More Than Just a Civil War Hero at Gettysburg Published in 2002, this book is a biography of John Bigelow, the famed commander of the Ninth Massachusetts artillery battery. Many people do not know a lot about John Bigelow, but most everyone who knows about the Civil War knows of the important stand of the Ninth Massachusetts on the second day of Gettysburg. The success of that stand was due to the discipline that John Bigelow had instilled in his men. Some say their stand on the second day of Gettysburg saved the town and possibly the Union from being over- taken after a long exhausting day. Some others even say that his stand changed the outcome of that battle which was the beginning of the end for Lee’s Army.This cradle to grave book covers Bigelow’s collegiate years at Harvard, his political career during which he wrote legislation that has prevented fire insurance companies from going bankrupt again after the Great Boston Fire. The book also covers twenty-four of his inventions during the industrial revolution, many of which are still used today

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