The Life and Times of Mahlon Haines (soft cover only)


The Life and Times of Mahlon Haines

Mahlon (pronounced May’ lon) is an unusual name given to a remarkable man. Was he an entrepreneur,
philanthropist and a man ahead of his time? Or was he just a scalawag, showoff and sly businessman? There is a lot of information about Mahlon “the Shoe Wizard” Haines in newspapers and records, and there is no lack of lore about him either. This booklet is an attempt to capture some of both (using both research of public documents and conversations with people who knew him) and to introduce the reader to the man. He was a hero of sorts to many York County families during a time following the Great Depression, through World War II and into the 1960’s. Whatever the motives and convictions of Mahlon Nathaniel Haines were, he was one-of- a-kind. Nobody can deny the local, national and worldwide attention he drew. Enjoy this little booklet and the next time you are in the York area look up Mahlon house made like a shoe. 1 Shoehouse Lane in Hellam, PA.

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