Civil War

Civil War

Jenkins’ Attempt on Harrisburg, PA: The Confederate invasion of the west shore. This lecture provides a unique perspective on the invasion into Central Pennsylvania from before they crossed the Mason Dixon line until a skirmish in the Mechanicsburg area that took the lives of 16 Confederate soldiers and left 28 soldiers wounded.

Captain John Bigelow. Based on the book Weaver wrote, this is the “cradle to grave” story about a man, John Bigelow, who played a key role in the Union victory at Gettysburg. He survived the Civil War, and his accomplishments after the war included many contributions to the nation’s Industrial Revolution. After several changes of career, Bigelow ultimately received patents for at least 22 inventions.

Sarah’s Secret Civil War Story. Sarah was an exciting young woman from Canada who played a remarkable role in the Union army during the Civil War. She personally knew Generals Poe and McClellan, but a soldier from Michigan named “Frank Thompson” who knew her best tells her quite surprising story.

Civil War Santa Claus: The history of how, why and when Santa Claus was introduced in the United States. You might be surprised to know he didn’t arrive on the Mayflower or with Columbus.

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