Landmarks, Towns and Water Ways

Landmarks, Towns and Water Ways

Trolley of Shiremanstown: Learn about the history of the trolley in and around Shiremanstown. Its service to the area was very important to residents for many reasons – including ice cream!!!!.

Welcome to Die Frieden Kirche; Important bones in Peace Church Cemetery. History of the church and the grounds with a discussion of movers and shakers who are buried there.

The Susquehanna: Learn the history of the mighty Susquehanna River some significant things it has supported including where the Indians lived, dams, ferries, and even TMI. The Yellow Breeches, and Conodoguinet Creeks also contributed to the local economy. We cover where they begin and end as well as the factories and businesses along
them that served Pennsylvania and the country well.

Columbia, Wrightsville: This area produced important history during the Civil War. Learn the history that connects both towns and the families within. You will learn about the Accomac Inn and the mystery of John Coyle and Emily Myers. The history of the Shoe House will amaze and we will also talk about some “firsts” within the towns.

Louther Manor: William Penn gifted this area of Cumberland County to the native Americans. Learn about the times and the major players who took over the land and pushed the American Indians further west. A look at several Indian trails in Cumberland County, who lived on them and why

Pennsylvania Slaves and the Underground Railroad. This is the story about slavery in PA prior to 1780 and the role that Pennsylvania played in transporting runaway slaves to freedom. It is geared toward the younger history buffs (9 – 14). You will learn some possibly shocking details about slavery and the Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania that are not taught in school.

Great Fire of Shiremanstown: Learn about the September 1908 fire including what burned how it started! You will be surprised to find out how the little post town without fire equipment was ultimately saved.

Harrisburg, During and After Civil War: This is a look at Harrisburg during the Civil War and into the post war era called the Industrial Revolution. Watch the capital city come alive.

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