Important People and Politics in PA History

Important People and Politics in PA History

The Important Women of Harrisburg: Learn about Mira Dock, Harriet McClintock Marshall, Jane Marie Mars Chester, Ester Harris, Mary Sax, and Gertrude Howard-Olmsted- McCormick to mention a few of the women we will explore. Each had an interesting influence on Harrisburg’s early history.

The Important Men of Harrisburg: Learn about John Harris, Andrew Greg Curtin,Simon Cameron, Vance McCormick to mention a few of the men we will discuss. Each man was important to the city’s history in their own right.

T. Morris Chester. He could be considered Pennsylvania’s Fredrick Douglas. This black man’s life and his accomplishments during the Civil War era provide insight into what was endured. Chester lived in the shadow of slavery but eventually became the first black to practice law in Dauphin County, PA. He played a unique success as a black man during the Civil War.

Poor old Governor William Bigler. Take a look at where he was born. Does anyone really know? At bit of history on him, a look at his political years and where he settled.

President’s Speech I (Washington to Cleveland): Humor about the president’s and their wives.

President’s Speech II (Harrison to Obama): Humor about the president’s and their wives.

Daniel Drawbaugh, The compelling life story of a local inventor who devised the telephone before Alexander Graham Bell did. Meet the people in his life and the central Pennsylvania towns that he lived in and walked through.

Levi Merkel : Levi was a dear friend of the town’s founder, Daniel Shireman, and one of the executer’s of his estate. Levi was the contractor of much of the town, including his own home, (my wife’s and my home). Shireman’s son, Benjamin, died in Levi’s home.

Mahlon Haines, the 20 th century Shoe Wizard. (can include a tour of the Shoehouse) This is a non-fiction, compelling story about a boy from the poor side of the tracks making it good. He started a business by hocking a diamond ring to buy 12 pair of shoes to re-sell at the market. Forty years later, even through the great depression, he became a multi-millionaire with more than forty shoe stores. Haines was a great philanthropist who also built a house in York County, PA, that looks like a shoe and is a museum. Arrangements can be made for an optional guided tour of the shoe-shaped house for groups of 15 people or more at $4.00 per person.

History taught slightly differently THAN you learned. This is a somewhat humorous adult lecture that is a collection of historic truths that may have been taught slightly differently when you learned it in school. It leaves you wondering what else isn’t true. Examples include such things as the first Thanksgiving, relationships between Indians and white men, the melting pot and good ole Uncle Sam.

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