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War Bonds (The first book of, “God Bonded America,” a Trilogy)

The trilogy is a historical novel based on two of the most unlikely friends who are both from Pennsylvania; Harrisburg and Montoursville. One man (Jack) was a Christian and the other (Russ) hadn’t seen the inside of a church since his mother dragged him there when he was a child. These two men never met until an escape from a German prison in the Great War, WWI. Once they part company in France near the end of the war, they do not expect to see one another again. However, due to a military awards ceremony, they meet back in the United States. From that day forward Jack, Russ and their families become lifelong friends living on opposite sides of Washington, D.C. God has Jack and Russ traveling to distant locations as His disciples in an effort to end the 2500 year dislodgment of the Jewish people form the Holy Lands. The reader is taken from the 40 years Jews spent in the desert prior to the birth of Christ to modern day. Many tidbits of the history of this great country (United States of America) and brief snap shots describing numerous religious denominations are uncovered during the journey to an incredible climax at the end of the three books. Both world wars, the Great Depression, spies in America and town histories over the years all play a role. The second book is written and in the editing stage. The third book is conceptually complete andhalf written at this point. At the end of the book the two main characters complete a God-directed journey that takes them all over United States and beyond. The trilogy takes place from the late the late 1800’s until the end of WWII.

The purpose for this trilogy is to provide the reader an interesting, compelling story as well as to open readers’ eyes to the religious nature that the forefathers of the United States founded their country on. Lastly, it is also intended to instruct the reader about the interesting journey of the Jewish people out of and back to the Promised Land.

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